How to deal with hidradenitis groin area boils

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Hidradenitis causes Mayo clinicHidradenitis suppurativa is a painful, chronic condition that is often considered to be an extremely embarrassing medical disorder.  This is partly because of the regions of the body that are most severely affected, and partly because of the symptoms. 

Hidradenitis suppurativa may also be known as acne inversa or apocrine cysts.  It involves the infection of the hair follicles, and the production of large amounts of pus.  The bacteria that are naturally present on the skin will act on this pus, breaking down some of the substances in contains and producing a foul smell. 

The areas most severely affected will be the armpits and the groin, due to the large numbers of hair follicles and the warm temperature.  The symptoms in both of these regions will be extremely similar, and consist of the production of pus and large, extensive abscesses under the skin.  These will be painful, and in order to reduce the symptoms, you will need to minimise the size and extent of these abscesses.

There are a number of ways in which you can try to beat the hidradenitis groin area boils and bring the condition back under control.  These include prescribed treatments that can only be obtained from your doctor, and some home remedies that you may want to try.

1.  Topical antibiotics.  One of the first treatments that will be tried if you go to your doctor for advice will be topical antibiotics, in the form of either creams or gels.  These will help to reduce the number of bacteria that are present on the skin, so the first improvement you notice will be a reduction in the smell.  It is the bacteria that produce this stench by breaking down chemicals in the pus.

2. Systemic antibiotics.  These will be antibiotics that are taken in tablet form, and they are usually stronger than the topical versions.  They may be prescribed if you have a severe case of hidradenitis suppurativa and the boils are extensive.  You may need to take these for a considerable length of time in order for the effects to show.

3. Tea tree oil.  This is a natural remedy that may help to reduce the extent of the abscesses caused by hidradenitis suppurativa.  It is both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so it will reduce swelling and help to minimise any discomfort that you are feeling.  Dilute the essential oil with water, and then dab the mixture directly onto the boils throughout the groin area.  Do this twice a day and you should soon start to see improvements.  If you want to increase the strength of the mixture, you will be able to do this once your skin has become accustomed to the tea tree oil.

4. Turmeric.  This is a spice that is often used in Asian cooking, particularly Indian cuisine.  Unlike tea tree oil, it can be taken in a number of different ways, all of which will help to reduce the symptoms of the hidradenitis suppurativa boils.  It can either be eaten with your food or taken in a capsule form, if you prefer to take your medications in this way.  Alternatively, it can be mixed with a small volume of water and applied directly to the affected area.

There are a number of other potential treatments, both prescribed and complementary therapies, that may be useful in minimising your symptoms and the discomfort that you feel.  It is possible that you may need to try several different methods in order to find either one or a combination that works to reduce your hidradenitis suppurativa boils. Read more…

4 Response to How to deal with hidradenitis groin area boils

  1. Tiffany Hall on August 26, 2013

    I believe I’m in stage three and I have boils in my groin area (not an attractive sites, and not helping my sex life) wanted to know how to lessen the appearance and pain on a more permanent basis. Can you help me?

  2. Nancy on September 7, 2013

    I am now taking new meds from a dermatologist called metformin and finasteride, it’s supposed to dry them up completlely

  3. Tricia on September 16, 2013

    I use a solution daily called Tendskin , stinks at 1st but it worked for me , I also had laser hair removal , kept lumps to a minimum for 5 years, Am booking more treatments , a skin specialist I went to also had a laser clinic so I felt more at ease.
    Just google Tendskin for prices, this is the clinic I went to but am sure loads where you are, hope it helps.

  4. reta on September 27, 2013

    I have the hidradenitis in my groin. I am a diabetic. does this cause rise in blood sugars?


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