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Bearing the pain and discomfort of having hidradenitis suppurativa is aggravated by the fact that traditional medicine fails to provide a definite hollistic cure for this condition, but rather various one-off treatment schemes that address the symptoms. Living with hidradenitis requires rigorous lifestyle management including special autoimmune diet, herbal and vitamin supplement intakes and local wound site treatment with adequate home remedies for hidradenitis suppurativa.

The painful hidradenitis lumps can become bigger in size and spread to various areas of the body (armpits, groin, face, under breasts) when the disease evolves beyond stage 1 and it is not treated early on.

While there are a number of topical creams, systemic antibiotics and corticosteroids that are usually recommended to address the symptoms of hidradenitis, surgical treatments are sometimes the last resort for worst cases.

Home Remedies for hidradenitis suppurativaUsing medical and surgical treatments is advised, but there are also home remedies for Hidradenitis suppurativa that can be immediately used to alleviate the pain and to control the growth of more lumps. It is important to note that these home remedies for Hidradenitis suppurativa are not guaranteed to provide instant cure for the patient, but they are proven to ease the symptoms and possibility of spreading.

Here is a list of the most commonly used and most effective home remedies for Hidradenitis suppurativa:

• Hot baths with certain types of oil such tea tree oil and other essential oils. Diluting tea tree oil with water can help alleviate the pain. This is a cheap remedy and can be easily found in the market.

• Olive Oil can also be used for hot baths. Sea salts, baking soda, chlorine, Aveeno oatmeal bath can also be used as home remedies for Hidradenitis suppurativa.

• Vinegar and Peroxide can also help, but the patient should be careful in using this as this has caused skin damage to some.

• Rubbing alcohol and a small amount of lavender oil can be directly applied to the wound.

• Hot compress is very helpful; other substitutes can be heating pads or moist towels.

• Cold compress can also be used to reduce the swelling of the affected area.

• Royal jelly capsules can be used directly in the wound.

• Diaper rash crème with low grease can also be used, as well as the Ichthammol Ointment, and the A and D ointment.

• Other products that are made for other skin problems can also help such as the Neutrogena Acne Mask and Petroleum Jelly.

Aloe Vera is very helpful because of its anti-inflammatory property that helps ease the pain and lessen the scarring caused by the wounds. It can also combat the skin fungus and staph which can cause further infection of the wound. Aloe Vera is antibacterial by its nature, so it can also aid in speeding the skin’s healing process.

• Antibiotic soaps are readily available in the market. Some of these are Dove Sensitive skin. Lever 2000 antibacterial, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, Betadine, Tea Tree Oil soap, and Neutrogena Ivory.

• Betadine solution is proven to provide a soothing effect in the skin. It is also effective in fighting the bacteria that can cause more infection.

Home remedies for Hidradenitis suppurativa can help provide the patient fast, easy, and convenient ways to ease the pain and discomfort. For sending the disease into remission, a more complex, holistic approach against hidradenitis is required, embedding traditional methods and latest biochemistry research. Read a complete review of such a method here.

What is your experience in trying home remedies for hidradenitis suppurativa? Can you share some good advice?

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12 Response to The Best Home Remedies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

  1. tracey wilkinson on May 8, 2013

    I find using magnesium sulphate eases the pain and shortens the cycle of the abcessess, I use the paste and cover with a mepore pad.

  2. Angela on May 22, 2013

    Thank you I have been researching for a while and been doing home remedies never heard about Aloe Vera soothing the pain, I’m 23 in stage 3. One of my abscesses recently grow into the size of a golf ball in my groin, and I cant get an appointment with a doctor till after memorial day weekend/week so I am in so much pain, I even put raw honey on it and took 3 pain killers. So I am excited to see what some of these remedies do.

  3. Carrie on July 26, 2013

    I have HS in my groin area. I use Salicylic Acid (a Beta Hydroxy Acid) on it which works wonders. Salicylic Acid is normally found in face products as it is very effective for acne as it is able to penetrate oil in the skin and exfoliate the dead skin cells and oil which clog the pore, clearing the infected area and leaving behind new clearer skin. And since HS is a (severe) form of body acne, I have found SA to be very effective. My HS has practically gone. Make sure you use a concentration of 2% Salicylic Acid (which is the maximum you can get without a prescription). I use Stridex Maximum Strength pads which contain this concentration.

    Aloe Vera contains Salicylic Acid so I think this is why it is often recommended. Although I don’ t think the SA concentration is very high .

    Warning – don’t use Salicylic Acid if you are allergic to Aspirin! Maybe try Glycolic Acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) instead (which I have used when I’ve run out of Stridex pads!). Please do research Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids before you use them.

    Good luck everyone!

  4. Erica on September 3, 2013

    Hi this message is for Carrie, when you use the pads do you just swipe daily?

  5. Jill on September 19, 2013

    I had a very difficult patch on my groin the past 8 months. Tried soaks, hot compresses, extended antibiotics both oral and ointment, but nothing that my doctors suggested worked. I came across HONEY in another blog — medical grade manuka flower honey — and it worked in about two weeks! Honey has a natural peroxide and antibiotic, and acts as a sort of poltice with its high osmotic gradient. It might have also helped that I clipped the hair in the region as short as possible to apply it (less bacteria and/or rubbing). Its been about a week since the boils and tunnels cleared out and sealed up, but it seems to be real; I see pink scar tissue over one of the openings. Here’s hoping that this is really it!

    • Meagan on October 8, 2013

      How do you apply the honey? I have raw honey, but it’s not the type you spoke of. I’m willing to try anything. I’ve had HS for more than 20 years, but it wasn’t until a few months ago while I was pregnant with my son that a doctor diagnosed it.
      Also, how is the treatment going?


    • Malandra on June 26, 2014

      I know a stupid question but do you take the honey orally, or place on the wound? Thanks

  6. tanya on April 28, 2014

    I have had this for 26 yrs. I have taken hundreds of medications. topical solutions . steroid injections. tried diets & vitamins i have found things will help. but not cure . will try some of this that i may not have tried….

  7. Julie on June 13, 2014

    I have had HS for about 10 years. I have stage 1, groin area, Although this last 2 weeks it has gotten way worse then ever. After researching I heard Paleo diet and/or going Glutten free cures this,I tried it is a very hard and expensive diet to follow. I have always just did hot Epsom salt baths, and recent ben. Peroxide wash for sorry (used to treat acne) I am going to try this honey, I love natural and will try anything I am desperate and will probably get into this Paleo diet if I can’t find skmething soon, I believe my first HS sore under arm out has arrived and I’m freaking out

    • abuzar on September 4, 2014

      Just to let you all know that i have h.sand i have bought the manuka honey 400 and its not something that every one quotes its rubbish and its so expensive.people stop misguiding others.i need a proper solution can some 1 else help.jad to order this honey from new zealand

  8. i AM NOT A DOCTOR on July 6, 2014

    not medical advice just my experiences..I am not sure of what I have is the same thing…but moles and i.e. misc skin ruptures and like that “act up” forming mole like hard feeling sore and infected that won’t heal but the feeling like you need to rip the lump out of your skin…I have taken 2 approach (honey) as a topical treatment honey..safest and healing infection , but also I have used blood root (dangerous)(scary but the rip it out sensation made me taket he risk)it seem to kills the cells then I can remove dead cell and the weird lumpy stuff, because the feeling to rip out is there but the alive tissue around the lump is too painful with the healthy cells around it. anything larger than pencil eraser head too big…lump spread and treated each as they occurred…scarey but would do it again…I combined rubbing alcohol, peroxide and vinegar intermittently. than honey to keep redness under control.

  9. Cindy on December 11, 2014

    i have it on my gorin, arm pits and face. They go from very sore to rock hard. I now have more coming up around my nose. PLEASE someone tell me a simply way to make these “knots” at least go back to skin level. I have been deals with this for 25 years and can not get them to stay under the skin.


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