How to Treat Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

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Fast hidradenitis cure e-book

A chronic skin disease such as Hidradenitis suppurativa can be really painful and severe when neglected. It is no ordinary skin disease that can be treated with a combination of medicines or with simple forms of treatment. Cases of Hidradenitis suppurativa are in varying degrees of severity and every stage needs a certain form of treatment that will address all the complications and infection caused by the skin disease.

The development of boil-like lumps is very prominent, as this is the most visible symptom of Hidradenitis suppurativa. These lumps can multiply and can spread across different areas of the body. They can eventually turn into abscesses that can contain pus. This can even cause leakage of pus. The most important thing in order to manage this condition is how to treat Hidradenitis suppurativa through a mix of methods according to stage and severity?

Each treatment plan should be tailored depending on the severity of a patient’s case. There is a staging system that is used as a guide to determine which treatment method does the patient needs the most.

How to treat Hidradenitis suppurativa using traditional medicine?

Traditional methods are still deemed to be very effective by some patients. Although there is no guaranteed way to actually make the lumps and abscesses disappear, these traditional methods can help ease the discomfort, alleviate the pain, and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Here are some of the most common traditional medicines for Hidradenitis suppurativa:

• Warm baths that contain certain kinds of oil such as tea tree oil. Warm baths can help soothe the affected area and serves as a cleansing action as well.
• Topical cleansing agents are readily available in the market.
• Topical anti-acne antibiotics can kill the bacteria and can prevent further infection of the skin.
• Benzoyl peroxide. This has very effective antibacterial properties that also aid in faster healing of the skin, because it can dry the skin, where the dead surface can be easily removed, thus it also helps in preventing blockage of gland openings.
• Antibiotic tablets can also be used in preventing the abscesses to spread to different areas. Antibiotics can also initiate faster healing process of abscesses.
• Surgical treatment. This is used for severe cases of Hidradenitis suppurativa. Most common way to do this is through incision and drainage. This significantly lowers the recurrence rate of the abscesses.

How to treat Hidradenitis suppurativa using alternative methods?

Paleo Anti-inflammatory Diet

Paleo Anti-inflammatory Diet

While there are a lot of effective and helpful traditional ways to alleviate the pain caused by Hidradenitis suppurativa, there are also alternative methods that are introduced, in search for the most effective and guaranteed treatment that can finally cure this skin disease.

Here are some of the most common alternative methods for Hidradenitis suppurativa:

• Antiandrogen therapies and systematic retinoids are identified to have given limited benefits to patients.
• Biological agents are identified to help attach tumor necrosis factor- alpha. This method has shown a significant improvement in lessening the symptoms.
• Immunosuppressive treatment methods were also identified.

Thousands of patients report improvement of their condition up to the total remission of HS using natural hollistic methods and auto-immune diet. As with most incurable auto-immune conditions, managing HS takes a lot of personal research, perseverence and trial and error to discover trigger factors and personal remedies.

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